Afghan Pashmina Scarves – the secret revealed

Pashmina is a kind of special wool that comes from the special breed of goat. The wool is used to manufacture several winter wear especially shawls and scarves. Afghan Pashmina Scarves are also made of this special type wool, which are available in various designs and style. The scarves look great on any other kind of dresses.

The good thing about these scarves is that as the fiber of the textile is very light the scarves are thus also of very light weight. To give you the light feel manufacturers blend silk with the wool while weaving the scarves. Often it is 70 % Pashmina and 30 % silk. Sometimes it can be a 50/50 blend to attain the desired softness, what one expects from the Afghan Pashmina Scarves. The end product is used to manufacture not only the scarves but other products as well like Afghan warps, Afghan shawl etc.
How to take care of the woolen:

Afghan Pashmina Scarves are very luxurious item and you have to take proper care of it to maintain its real look and the silky feel fore a long time. Taking care of Pashmina items, especially the scarves is not very difficult. Keep the following facts in mind to take perfect care of your scarf. Don’t use any detergent and other washing material to clean Pashmina scarves.

It is much better if you don’t try at all to wash it at home. Better give it for a dry clean as woolen remains good when they are dry washed. If you want to clean it at home always use cold water and mild shampoo and wash it very gently. Never rub the scarf harshly as it may snatch the silky feel of the scarf and the fiber will get tangled. When the cleaning is over lay your scarf flat dry . Don’t ever go for wring drying because it will create wrinkles and you will find it difficult to iron the scarf.

Buyers note
Due to the scarcity of Pashmina wools at present original Afghan Pashmina Scarves are not being available in huge number. There are a few companies that manufacture imitation scarves and try to give it the look of real Afghan scarves. To avoid being deceived it is must to opt for the reputed stores, which is trading in Afghan scarves from a long time. They have the best collection of the scarves where you can get the desired styling and variations of the scarves.

Afghan Pashmina Scarves are remarkably different from any other variation of Pashmina scarves. It can give you more depth and a stunning look to attend a party.