Afghan Pashmina – Nautical Themed Afghan Pashmina

Afghan pashmina has gained immense acceptance among general masses. Pashmina is an extremely popular fabric crafted from wool of pashmina goats and combined with silk as well. The term ‘pashmina’ originates from the Persian term ‘pashm’. Afghan pashmina has gained paramount popularity simply because of its rarity and excellent quality.

The popularity of this type of fiber is even greater in the western world. The above-mentioned wool boasts of softness greater than cashmere itself. Pashmina wool is the highest quality wool that holds the ability to hold color appropriately and is very lightweight as well. It is possible to extract the wool from the underbelly of changthangi goat. Changthangi goat is a special breed primarily found in Nepal and Kashmir.

Features of Afghan Pashmina
There is little doubt about the fact that Afghan Pashmina shawls are the most beautiful and appealing clothing accessories presented until date. Such shawls are available in solid colors, bold flowery patterns and in solid colors as well. Apart from Afghanistan, such shawls are available in countries like Pakistan and India as well. One can wear such types of shawls as scarves and dressings because of its beauty and sensibility. Pashmina is extremely lightweight and hence one can wear them all around the year as well. Shawls made from pashmina can be worn all around the year it is still best to wear the pashmina shawls during cold winter months. Cost of pashmina shawls generally range from 10-50 dollars. One can also use Pashmina shawls as curtains/drapes, chair covers, table runners and back of a couch as well.

Different Accessories
There are many Pashmina accessories presented including “scarf”, full sized shawl, “stole”, “wrap” and “Macho” as well. The most popular form of pashmina fabric consists of seventy percent pashmina and thirty percent silk blend. However, pashmina fabric consisting of fifty percent of each type is also available. A Pashmina fabric that has a seventy/thirty ratio boasts of elegant sheen and drapes in a perfect manner as well. Such type of fabric is lightweight and soft.

The best place to shop for afghan pashmina is perhaps online. Different varieties of afghan pashmina ranging from handcrafted blankets, silk woven pashminas and soft cashmere shawls are available for sale. The fabric of the handcrafted blankets demands utmost importance while contemplating a purchase. There can be least doubt about the fact that afghan pashminas have gained considerable reputation as fashion accessories and one can expect the reputation to rise in the future as well.