Cashmere pashmina- the wool you love

Pashmina is a kind of unique cashmere wool. It also refers to the textiles made of this wool. The origin of this word is from Persian Pashmina, which also means wool. The wools required in weaving cashmere pashmina, come from pashmina or changthangi goat. This is a special type of goat found in the high altitudes of the mount Himalaya, Pakistan, Nepal and other parts of Northern India. Cashmere Pashmina, the shawls are hand spun by the women of Kashmir. The shawls made of fine Kashmiri fibers also get embroidered in Kashmir itself. The specialty of the shawls is that instead of being woolen material they are very light and looks outstandingly gorgeous. Even in chilly weathers you get the ultimate comfort when you use the shawls.

Why cashmere Pashmina
Cashmere Pashmina can be your style statement for this winter if you learn about the features of this ethnic woolen wears. The quality of cashmere pashmina is unsurpassable by any other woolen costumes. It is one of the many high quality scarves found in country India. The shawls are so soft that it becomes very easy to carry this woolen fabric. The luxurious fiber of Pashmina offers enough suppleness to the user. The designs are so eye- catching and classic that it highlights your choice when you wrap up yourself with the woolen.

The history of Pashmina
Cashmere Pashmina shawls are being manufactured in Kashmir and Nepal for so many years (More than thousands of years). However, there is still a difference between pashmina and cashmere. The fiber diameter of these two shawls is quite different. The fibers of pashmina shawls are bit thinner than the fibers of cashmere. As the fiber is thin, it becomes easy to manufacture lightweight pashmina and scarves. At present the shawls are being manufactured in different ways. Contemporary pashmina are coming with new looks and in so many verities that they are attracting the fashion designers across the world. The lightweight scarves go perfectly well with any other kind of dress and the shawls help in getting noticeable style and fashionable look for any party and special occasion. Pashmina won faith of many people for long years and will remain a favorite item in coming years as well.

In every next minute the world of fashion keeps changing and different patterns and styles of clothing step in. However, the demand of classic and ethnic wears increases but never decrease with time and that is why cashmere Pashmina stands the taste of time.