Know the Truth about Nautical Afghan Pashmina

Nautical afghan pashmina is an expensive variety of wool available for sale. This type of wool is available from Pashmina goat that habitats in the mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The above-mentioned piece of clothing is primarily a scarf crafted from the Pashmina material. One can wear this specific piece of scarf on SNL. It has been over centuries that the word ‘pashmina’ had been used in Himalayan places including Nepal, Kashmir and Ladakh as well.

Meaning of the Term Pashmina
The term ‘pashmina’ primarily describes fine hand woven fabric crafted from cashmere. One can always use this fine piece of hand-woven fabric for designing saris as well as shawls. The above-mentioned type of fabric is extremely costly and hence only the richer sections of the society can truly afford it. There can be little doubt about the fact that nautical afghan pashmina set the fashion world on fire in the year 1990 and after it as well. Hence, every possible effort has been made to successfully raise mountain goat in Outer Mongolia and Gobi Desert area. Mongolian import has gained considerable reputation as an excellent source for pashmina wool.

Nautical afghan Pashmina Produced in Gobi Desert
The quality of wool produced in Gobi Desert is similar to that produced in the Himalayans. The cost of wool produced in Gobi Desert is cheaper as compared to that produced in the Himalayan. One will be thrilled to come in terms with the fact that it is possible to design our own nautical afghan pashmina. The primary thing needed to design a nautical afghan Pashmina is a navy blue pashmina scarf. A few other things necessary include navy thread, anchor appliqués, needle and pins as well.

There are two main varieties of nautical afghan Pashmina. There exists a cheaper version that is light as well as soft. The cheaper version of pashmina is available at a cheaper cost of 120-200 US dollars. The exclusive version of nautical afghan Pashmina is hand-woven in Kashmir. The exclusive version of Pashmina is warmer and thicker as compared to the power loom version.

This specific type of Pashmina is often embroidered. The cost of the nautical afghan Pashmina varies depending upon the extent and quality of the embroidery. The cost can range from 1500 US dollars as well. The primary market of such fashion accessories is among the elite Indians who purchase them as special gifts for wedding. Nautical Pashmina can help one to stand out among a crowd.