Pashmina Afghan Cashmere Shawls Comparison

Scarves and shawls are essential accessories every woman has in her wardrobe. They lend themselves to be used in a variety of ways and blend well in different scenarios. A Black and cream or beige with maroon shawl can go well with most dresses. Cashmere wool is the most preferred material for the shawls and scarves today. They are lightweight and easy to lug around on the shoulders. They are also exquisite and come with a variety of designs. When buying cashmere or pashmina products, it is important to choose the right one. The price of the product will vary depending on the purity of the wool, the craftsmanship and the amount of hand work or embroidery present in the product. It is difficult to get authentic and 100% pashmina nowadays, as most stores sell products that offer a blend of other cheaper materials.

Nova Haat is offering a few luxury cashmere and pashmina wraps and shawls through Amazon. The colors, kind of embroidery or weaving done and the designs on the materials differentiate one product from another. All these shawls are made from 100% wool and are light weight. They are delicate too and dry cleaning is the only method of cleaning to be used on these fabrics.
The Luxury woolen large cashmere women shawl is made of 100% wool. The cashmere shawls is available in a color combination of crimson, buff and dark maroon. There are intricately woven pine cone shaped paisley designs and floral designs all over the shawl making it exquisite. The shawl is also reversible.

The Embroidered elegant evening shawl from NovaHaat features wonderful Aari and fine crewel embroidery works on its body. The embroidery works are featured in coral pink and beige yellow colors. Aari work is a original and unique kind of embroidery that is not seen very commonly. The elegant designs and the sober colors make it perfect for use as an evening shawl to accompany you to parties and social gatherings. The intricate hand woven designs make it also a candidate suitable to be featured in your living room as a piece of art.

The Designer embroidered jamavar shawl sold by NovaHaat on Amazon is perfect to be used as a wrap on the chilly evenings. Made from 100% wool, they originate from Kashmir, the well known part of India famous for its highly skilled weavers and intricate designs. The shawl is available in an incredible deep navy blue color. It features floral motifs embroidered with silk threads of different shades all over the body. With a size of 80 inches by 40 inches, it is big enough to serve as a comfortable wrap on your shoulders.

The embroidered fashionable evening wrap advertised by NovaHaat is available in a classic black color. The wrap features impressive aari embroidery work along with the traditional jamavar antique cut weave patterns. The night black shawl is made from 100% wool and is hand woven by traditional weavers in Kashmir, India. The shawl features floral designs all through that are embroidered with silk threads.